Building the future from our long-standing history!

We believe in lasting partnerships based on mutual trust to build not just a structure, but an icon

Constructions and Assembly

We have a full dedicated team of experts at your disposal providing professional services and high-end materials for any type of project, from civil and industrial engineering to home renovations and general repairs.

Real Estate

In all our ventures, we make the most of our vast experience with large-scale projects, from the initial stages of research and planning through to execution and delivery. Regardless of how specific your requirements are, you will find in us a competent and trustworthy partner.


We provide services and solutions for each project stage, from concept to completion.

Successful projects completed in Romania and Germany

Our evolution gave us the opportunity to further extend the list of services available to our clients. We have taken on new challenges and have invested in our staff training and growth, as well as in our machinery and equipment, in order to deliver our projects to the highest standards.

Highly recommended by the projects delivered throughout our 60 years of activity.

Efficiency, sustainability, innovation

Discover some of the accomplishments we take pride in

Circul de Stat
Casa Presei Libere
Televiziunea Română
Teatrul de Operă și Balet

To build can be fascinating, especially when you understand each step of the way

As we grew, we have organically extended the list of services we can provide for our clients


Civil, Electrical, Mechanical


Private, Commercial


Roads, railway, bridges & tunnels


Interior design


Installation and maintenance


Design and construction

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Antrepriza Construcții Montaj Nr. 4 București SA is a Romanian company with tradition who brought added value to the local and international landscape through the iconic buildings developed. Experience, reliability and quality is what ACM4 has been offering its stakeholders for over 60 years.


Str. Frumoasă, nr. 20, parter, Sector 1, București România

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