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Casa Presei Libere

Casa Scânteii, currently known as Casa Presei Libereis a building located in the North of Bucharest district 2, as you come in Baneasa neighbourhood. Between 1956–2007, clădirea a deținut recordul de cea mai înaltă structură din oraș. Arhitectura a fost inspirată de clădirile înalte din Moscova, precum Universitatea Lomonosov, Leningradskaia Gastinița (Hotelul Leningrad). O altă clădire care a avut aceeași sursă de inspirație este Palatul Culturii și Științei din Varșovia.

Spitalul de Urgență Floreasca

In 1949 new wards were added to the Emergency Hospital. The number of beds was increased to 400. As the capital city developed and as its population grew, the old hospital building was outdated and became inadequate, so in 1960 a new seven floor wing was added. A surgery clinic was established in the new building, made of 3 wards, intensive therapy and an emergency room. In 1969 the hospital reached 600 beds

Televiziunea Romana

Built by the architect Tiberiu Ricci, this was one of the most modern towers of transmission in Europe at the time and it was made of three larger studios (one of 790sqm and two of 550sqm)2), an average news studio (110sqm)2, two smaller news anchors studios (40sqm2 each) and a recording studio (175sqm2).

Spitalul Fundeni

Institutul Clinic Fundeni is a hospital in district 2Bucharest, built in 1959. The institute has a longstanding tradition in complex pathology of cardiovascular, hepatic, renal, digestive and blood disorders. 

Banca Română de Comerţ Exterior – Filiala Victoria

The tower-building initially used by Bancorex was inaugurated in 1997, as the most modern building in Romania at the time. It is situated near Old Town over 26.300 sqm GLA. The property was the most imposing building at that time and it has been revamped in 2012. The construction can easily be divided between its two sections, Tower (17 floors) and Podium (6 floors) and it boasts the largest natural light atrium in the city.

Noor Residential Complex

Circul de Stat

The National Circus is an assembly made of the main showroom and a few extensions. The showroom is built in such a manner that it dominates the entire assembly in terms of position and format. The atrium is covered by a reinforced concrete dome, like a corrugated sheet, giving the structure a light unitary feel. The dome sits on pillars joining glass walls closing the round foyer.

Academia de Studii Economice - new wing

Portfolio in Romania

  • Buftea Cinema Center
  • Dorobanti Hotel
  • The Opera and Ballet Theater
  • Student accommodation center
  • Belvedere - ASE beneficiary
  • Student accommodation Splaiul Independentei - University of Bucharest beneficiary
  • Restoration and interior design Chemistry Faculty
  • Bucharest Courthouse restoration and interior design
  • ANL Primaverii
  • ANL Unirii
  • Rapid football stadium consolidation and refurbish
  • CFR sports center
  • Ploiesti Railway station consolidation and interior dsign
  • Basilescu Subway Station structure
  • Subway tunnel Pd Constanta
  • Thermal insulation - 50 blocks
  • Henri Coanda Complex of vilas
  • Kindergartens
  • ANL Brancusi
  • Amzei
  • Dante Alighieri Highschool

Our print abroad

  • Landfriedpassage (Heidelberg)
  • Heidelberg ABB Research Center
  • Heidelberg Student Center
  • Bethanien (Heidelberg) Senior Center
  • Student Accommodation - Kircheim (Heidelberg)

  • Deutsche Bahn (Koln) Offices
  • Baden Baden - 18 vilas
  • MLP (Wiesloch) Administrative Center
  • Wastewater treatment plant (Kaiserslautern)
  • Stadion 1 FCK (Kaiserslautern) extension
  • Montemare (Kaiserslautern) water park
  • Underground parking at the Old Opera (Frankfurt am Main)
  • Engel Hotel (Obertal)
  • Federal Courthouse extension (Karlsruhe)
  • City Hospital (Ludwigshafen)
  • Residential Complex (Oppau)
  • Residential Complex (Rauneberg)
  • Elderly Care Home (Lambrecht)
  • Deutsche Bahn (Leipzig) Offices
  • Elderly Care Home (Wiesbaden)
  • Professional Fire station (Heidelberg)
  • Block of flats (Baden Baden)

Antrepriza Construcții Montaj Nr. 4

Projects in Germany

  • Student Center
  • ABB Concern Research Center
  • Engel Hotel


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